Yeh Pulu Temple

 In Estern Bali, Place Of Interest

Relief yeh Pulu is located in Bedulu village, in ricefield area, about 300 meters in the east of Batulumbang village, less than 26 km from Denpasar, in situation of traffic lane Denpasar – Tampak Siring – Kintamani. This monument was found by “ Punggawa Ubud” on 1925, has researched and published by Archeological Department of Holland which was lead by Dr W. F Sutterhien on 1929.

The figures showing mixed between the fairy tales of wayang ( puppet show ) and like a common people. If we see the area of Pejeng, it is rich with ancient stone carvings, and also wayang figure is found near the village of Pejeng preserved at a temple called ” Arjana Metapa ” From the site itself it is hard to give estimated date of the construction. From iconographic study we can only use as typological date based on the ancient relief of Candi Penataran in east Java. It is commonly agreed that Penataran temple was constructed during the end of Majapahit kingdom, around 1400 AD. If it is associated with the chronicle about Wayang puppet in Bali, it was around 16th century, when Bali kingdom controlled Blambangan kingdom ( now Banyuwangi regency ).

According to the chronicle during the attack of Blambangan, boxes full of wayng puppet were confiscated and were brought to the palace in Klungkung. In Klungkung near the capital city of the kingdom was the first wayang style introduced by a painter inspired by the wayang figure brought from Java. The place is now known as Kamasan village. So it was probable that this rock carving was made around this period.

The name Yeh Pulu derived from the word Yeh and Pulu. Yeh means water and Pulu means container of rice and its position on the centre of hollywater in the west of relief Pulu. It was made from lime stone that carved on the rock, about 25 meter longer and 2 meters wide. Generally, this story described about real life in the forest and daily life of old Bali Kingdom. Other than classic carving it has, this monument has also “ceruk-ceruk” as meditation place of Bedahulu King before he passed away on Majapahit war on 1343 century. Yeh Pulu relief is the longest of old Bali relief which one of The Bali Classic monument in old Bali period ( 14 cnetury) which rich of art knowledge deeply, eternally and harmony discovered by Rice Grower’s Association ( SUBAK) as agriculture aspect responsible in Bali.


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