Sanur Bali

 In Place Of Interest, Southern Bali

Sanur is one of Bali luxirious place, Sanur was famous from a long time ago, since 1906, when the Dutch foothold in Bali and the historical place is in norther part of sanur called Padanggalak. There are also Prasasti Blanjong in Blanjong village which ancient text,

dating back to the 10th Century, is inscribed on stone pillar locked in a glass cabinet only about 10 meters from the street. sanur have many kind of attraction one of them is Sanur Beach with many luxurious hotels, Bali Beach hotel is the first hotel in bali and was built on 1965 with 11 floors. Sanur is the best place to get vacation for families with children and people who want a quiet spot to relax. Sanur beach is called bali Sunrise beach, in the morning you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise with a little breakfast in hotel along sanur beach. in afternoon walking along sanur beach is so nice, a low wave is safe for children to swim or snorkling or rent a boat and go sailing, dive or try your fishing luck. if you want to enjoy the nigtlife style, there are nigtcafe (balinese called remang remang cafe) along the beach or go to kuta is short from sanur, you can go there by taxi or bemo (local balinese taxi)

Sanur beach also have a good point to surfing, sometimes the waves is come so wild, local people called Sanur Secret point, many surfer from japanese and other go there to enjoy the nice waves, the place located norther of sanur and near the gianyar regency.

The Sanur famous area are North Sanur, Sindhu, Batujimer, Semawang and Blanjong. get your Bali Tours, holiday and vacation to sanur, and enjoy the real luxirios and relax life

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