Rambut Siwi Temple

 In Place Of Interest, Western Bali

Rambut Siwi Temple is Located in Yeh Embang Village, Jembrana Regency. this temple is the most important temple In Bali. in 16th century the Hindu priest Danghyang Nirartha arrived on the south west coast of Bali

from Java and began preaching Hinduism on his way to present him self to Bali’s King in Gelgel. He heard of a terible epidemic in the village of Gading Wani. Danghyang Nirartha went there and banished the desease. the greatful villager begged him to stay and settle there, but Danghyang Nirartha felt called to Gelgel, and left them a lock of his hair as a protective token.

it was here that Danghayang Nirarhta was given the honorific ( Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rawuh ) which mean “The newly arrived powerful high priest”. they erected a temple on the edge of a cliff over looking a dramatic black beach, and they burid Danghyang Nirartha hair in a sandalwood box inside.

This superb temple with it’s numerous shady prangipani trees is one of the important coastal temple of southern Bali. Rambut Siwi temple is good Bali Tours direction


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