Petulu Village

 In Estern Bali, Place Of Interest

Petulu village located in the district of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. The distance is about 5 km from north Ubud.Di village of Ubud Petulu interesting thing there is the habitat of cranes (kokokan in bali Idioms).

Thousands of birds kokokan / stork with a long neck still living in trees throughout the village Petulu. Every day this kokokan bird activity in and out of the village Petulu. On the afternoon in the village Petulu is the best time to see birds in the village kokokan Petulu because in the evening all the birds kokokan / stork will return to the hive. Village Petulu success in conserving bird habitat kokokan / stork is making the government confers to the village Petulu kalpataru trophy

According to information from the Villagers Petulu, storks began nesting in the village of Petulu since 1965. At that time, there were only about five tails. A few months later, the numbers began to multiply. Initially, the storks were arrested to be maintained or cut to the meat eaten by the surrounding community. From here the strangeness began. Those who catch the storks in the village of Petulu, always come back to the Village Petulu to restore the crane. “Not strong,” they said. No strong why? According to them, after the capture crane, they began visited by strange creatures big and scary, either in dreams or in real nature. It was not a hallucination, because the experience of more than 50 people. Finally, after consultation with a priest, conducted this ritual of apology in the village temple Petulu.

When the procession takes place, the village temple stakeholders have possession / trance and told that the stork is actually the guardian of Ida Betara who worshiped at the local village temple. Storks are forces that will keep the village from disease and pests that attack their fields. It is already proven. Once the community makes a pelinggih in the village temple as an offering to the birds kokokan, Village Petulu become prosperous, abundant harvests and there was no danger to this day.

Heron / kokokan that exists in the village is very much Petulu amounted to hundreds and even thousands. Once entering the village Petulu, you will see birds flying freely kokokan, perched in trees or in people’s homes, some are walking with residents relaxing in the yard or on the roadside. This kokokan birds roam free and undisturbed by the activities of the villagers Petulu or tourists arrive in droves to the Village Petulu. Surprisingly, this kokokan bird only exists in the Village Petulu. Once out of the village Petulu, you will not find birds kokokan / heron again.
Bird kokokan Petulu Village throughout the year. However, most in October through March. In this period, thousands of birds will make a stork nest, bertelor, telornya incubate until they hatch. In March, the children have started flying crane. In the April to September, heron populations are seen in the village of Petulu numbers began to decrease. So, if you want to see thousands of storks in the village of Petulu, come in from October to March, in the afternoon.


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