Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring

 In Estern Bali, Place Of Interest

Gunung Kawi Temple is located at Tampaksiring Village at the cross road to Tirta Empul Temple, about 34km from Denpasar City.

This is the famed temple on the mountain of the poet, which celebrates the Hindu God Siva. There are fascinating complex of 11th century temple shrines and royal tombs chiseled straight out of the sides of hills.Gunung Kawi Temple consists of 10 rock-out shrines ( candi ). a step climb leads to the entrance, where temple face line either sides of the rock, the complex then extends into a monastery and several caves.

a solytary shrines stand about a kilometer further down the valley to the south, this is reached by a trek through the rice paddies on the western side of river.

It’s believed that some of the monument may be dedicated to King Udayana, Queen Mahendradata, their sons Airlangga and his brother Anak wungsu and Marakata. The legend relate that the whole group of memorials was carved out of the rock face in one hard working night by mighty fingernail of Kebo Iwa, a giant from Bali. Take Bali Tours and Visit Gunung Kawi Temple


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