In Estern Bali, Place Of Interest

Besakih Temple is located in the plateau area which is covered by the cool atmosphere and Mount Agung as a back drop. From the top of temple building, we can see the beautiful panorama of nature from the temple area to the ocean.

It is situated in cool area with the light breeze and unique temple buildings spread out in the temple complex will create the peaceful atmosphere.

Besakih Temple is the largest Hindu temple in the entire island of Bali. Known to the locals as Pura Besakih, the temple has an amazing view from the roof of the full panorama of the paradisiacal natural landscape surrounding it. The Besakih Temple is surrounded by typical East Balinese scenery without and development and completely undisturbed of scenes of rice paddies stretching across the hills with mountains in the background and streams that run the full way down. It is likely that the area of Besakih has been sacred since long before recorded Balinese history due to the presence of Pura Batu Madeg, a stone temple that has been long standing in the area.

 The Besakih Temple became even more important in 1343 when it became he administrative center for the Klungkung regency during the conquering of Bali by the Majapahit dynasty. The Besakih Temple was later damaged by earthquakes of 1917 and then rebuilt by the Dutch in 1932 during their influence upon Bali as one of the more positive effects. The Dutch also built the road that leads to the temple although the volcanic eruptions of 1963 also damaged the temple. The result of this heavy handed history is a temple that is of mixed ages, there are still some of the most ancient parts in tact and repairs and rebuilding from the various eras mentioned above. There are still projects and restorations happening to this day to finish the Besakih Temple which is one of the most important and holy temple on Bali with one of the most incredible histories and historical importance.


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